Elixir: the new kid in town

We love Ruby. We have enough experience with Ruby and web software development. But something that we love even more is being up to date. We are always trying new libraries, frameworks, designs and languages too. We like to get our own experience, contribute to as many open source projects we can. This is something that we enjoy, individually and as a team. It is part of the company’s culture.

Microservices 101

When we think about building an application, we visualize it as a bunch of code glued together, running somewhere on the web for the purpose of providing people some value. It could be the homepage of your coffee shop, an e-commerce site or an amazing API which collects data from your watch.


This is another entry in our series of technical articles about software development tools and libraries. Today I would like to introduce you to HTTPie, an HTTP client which will help you to put aside cURL, that wonderful - but not so human-friendly - tool.

Customer Interviews, Just Do it

When designing a product or service we bring so many assumptions to the table. One of the core attributes of Lean Startup is to validate our assumptions. We first acknowledge that we have assumptions and then we do something about it. There are a lot of right answers for what actions you can take and speaking with customers is at the top of the list!

Performance optimizations: Why, When and How

When developing software, there eventually comes a time when the team needs to start thinking about performance. Ideally this is done on a daily basis - most developers try to balance productivity, code readability and shipping features. But at some point of the life cycle of the application, the need to optimize for performance becomes evident.