Mocking HTTP requests with HTTPretty

Today it is quite common to write applications that depend on third-party APIs, or even internal APIs, in this modularized digital world. But it makes testing tricky because dependency has an impact during the testing process:

Protecting a Python codebase

The very nature of Python makes the task of protecting the source code complicated. As an interpreted language, the source code must be available in some form in order to execute it.

Indoor positioning with beacons and mobile devices

Imagine you arrive at an airport for the first time and you are in a hurry to find the gate; or you’re in a museum and are interested in a specific section; or you’re about to meet someone in a big hall but have no idea how to give indications to each other about where to meet: Indoor positioning to the rescue.

Validating Models With Ruby

Most ORMs out there include model validations as part of the features they provide. I think that’s kind of cool and very useful, but sometimes it’s better to abstract that responsibility away from the model, especially in cases where validations are tightly tied to other factors or flows.