The state of frontend development with IPFS in 2017

This past September, my team at Citrusbyte embarked on a research project. Our mission was to evaluate the maturity of IPFS’s network and tools with the current frontend development tech stack and to weigh strategies and approaches for building decentralized apps.

State on the front-end

A few days ago I clicked on the thumbs-up icon on a GitHub issue, yet nothing happened. An old, dark feeling rose up again. Depression came and pointed out that I couldn’t go a day without a program malfunctioning. I hate computers. And then suddenly the number on the screen changed! I felt relieved and continued with my day.

Elixir: the new kid in town

We love Ruby. We have enough experience with Ruby and web software development. But something that we love even more is being up to date. We are always trying new libraries, frameworks, designs and languages too. We like to get our own experience, contribute to as many open source projects we can. This is something that we enjoy, individually and as a team. It is part of the company’s culture.

Microservices 101

When we think about building an application, we visualize it as a bunch of code glued together, running somewhere on the web for the purpose of providing people some value. It could be the homepage of your coffee shop, an e-commerce site or an amazing API which collects data from your watch.